With a low entry-barrier and revived dollar, Canada has become an alluring market for U.S. goods. Its 33 Million citizens purchased $204 Billion worth of American goods last year, again more than any other non-U.S. country.

But what exactly are Canadians buying? How can your company tap into a this consumer base roughly the size of the population of California? Unlike Californians, though, Canadians aren’t know to clamor for the trendiest new consumer product. They do have significant spending power—income is on the rise and the Canadian dollar now about equals its American counterpart.

Canada is a very good place to start if you’ve never exported before, as long as you a have a product that fits the market. Flourishing sectors include automotive, manufacturing, technology, clean energy, and environmental products. Canadians are particularly responsive to products that benefit the environment and make their work more efficient.

To make sure your sale remains profiting, experts recommend keeping the shipping costs at 10 to 15 percent of the order value. And consider the customer’s ordering sensibility, too: Canadians living in remote areas often like to buy in bulk where they can get a free shipping promotion, which can be more valuable than a discount.

Canada Infographic