According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian consumers spent at least AUS$6.23 Billion on overseas purchases in the last financial year. The figure, which is limited to goods under the value of $AUS1,000, provides some indication of the amount spent on E-commerce purchases since consumers are unlikely to purchase significant quantities of low-value goods from foreign retailers using other methods due to the relative convenience of E-commerce.

Accordingly, Australian E-commerce is set to generate sales worth almost € 21 Billion by 2017. Almost half of current turnover (45%) is due to E-retailers outside of Australia, and 79% of respondents indicated that they generally buy some products from foreign merchants. One of the reasons for this is the fact that purchases up to A$ 1000 (about € 700) from foreign stores are exempt from the national goods and services tax (10%). Currently, online sales in Australia amount to around 7% of all merchant sales, this is set to reach 9.8% in 2017.

In comparison to Australia, sales in New Zealand are of course lower, but the growth rates are similar. E-commerce sales should reach a value of about € 2.2 billion in 2013, and around € 3.64 billion in 2017. However, E-commerce currently constitutes a mere 7% of sales; for 2017, this is expected to increase to 9.4%. 54% of New Zealanders also purchase goods at overseas retailers. According to Phil Harpur, Senior Research Manager at Frost & Sullivan, many online retailers have concentrated their efforts on the New Zealand market due to the strong New Zealand dollar, which means high purchasing power.

Australia Infographic