Today France is among the leaders in E-commerce, occupying third position amid the Internet’s Top Ten European countries. With over 50 Million Internet-users, France follows Russia, Germany and the UK which hold the first, second and third positions respectively. France has 42 Million active Internet-users and 38.7 Million E-shoppers, reflecting 72% of the total number of active users, a growth of over 500% since 2000. French companies have reaped the rewards of rapidly growing broadband amongst already widespread coverage.

In France, consumers buy domestically and cross-border, on web shops across the EU, in Germany (41%), in the UK (29%) and cross-regional, from web shops in (French speaking) Canada (18%) and from the US (18%). In France, online shoppers plan and pay their business trips and holiday expenses online, but books, music, fashion and consumer electronics are also bought from web shops across Europe. In France, where consumers often use more than one mobile phone and over half owns a smartphone, m-commerce increased with 150%, compared to 2011. In 2013, the number of online payments grew with 55%. 90% of cross-border E-commerce transactions are paid with Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit cards.

72% of people in France have shopped online. Of these 38.7 Million people, 42% bought clothing and footwear online, while 32% bought books online and 29% home electronics during the past year. The typical French online shopper is also happy to buy other products. For example, 16% bought children’s articles online, putting France in the Top 3 in Europe in this area. 23% bought cosmetics, skincare and haircare products, also putting the country at number three in Europe.

When French consumers shop from abroad – as 42% did last year – they purchase primarily from UK, German and American online stores. When purchases are made from abroad, the most popular product categories are clothing and footwear, home furnishing and CDs.

France Infographic